The most wonderful time of the year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's oddly quite in our house at the moment. There are no toy Black & Decker drills drilling, no cars crashing, no Santa on a motorcycle singing Born to be Wild. Austin and his daddy are having a nap while I sit here looking at the Christmas tree, listening to Kenny and Dolly. I just put the turkey in the oven and the salt beef is simmering away. Tonight Laura and Dan will be joining us for a visit and we'll sit down to a good ol' Newfie Christmas dinner. I even have the beets (but no mustard pickles). I cannot wait!

It's a very weird experience trying to establish your own traditions when I'm so used to the traditions that I have been entrenched in since I was a little kid. The pace of Christmas is very different here than it is back home. But I have to say that it has been nice. We' ve had a couple of stay in our jammies-watch Toy Story 2-eat Christmas brunch left over days. It's been nice to catch up on life with my boys.

Austin has been hilarious this year. He gets the whole Santa thing. Christmas Eve we made Santa rice krispie treats and when we put them on the table, Austin declared he was hungry and that Santa had to share!

Two cookies down and a phone call from the big man himself and Austin finally went to bed.

I was like an over excited kid Christmas morning. I woke up at 6am, can down to the living room and put cinnamon rolls in the oven, got the coffee/hot beverage station ready and took this picture to prove that Santa really came:

Austin was stirring at 7:30am of course I encouraged him to wake up. Next thing I know he is bouncing on his Dad declaring "Santa brought da pwesents daddy! get up! get up!" So we scurried downstairs where he met  Rudolph and then his new favorite toy....a Santa on a motorcycle just like his Poppy has.

Our house was soon full as G's parents arrived and RyLee, Clay and Oskar got out of bed. The day was hectic, brunch was served and then we all settled in for a nap.

Our adventures continue but right now I have to tidy up my very lived in home and check on my boys. I love Christmas break!

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