'tis the season!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're all running around trying to get things done and rushing to get packages in the mail, baking in the oven and non breakable ornaments on the tree.  Weekend before last we took Austin to see Santa and he was so excited! It gave me a burst of energy and helped the spirit find me. He was upset that he couldn't just walk up and see Santa, but he was a trooper, peered over the "wall" and pointed "Mama, That Santa!!! that Santa!!!!"

Finally it was his turn. He ran up to Santa, stopped short right in front of him and said "Hi Santa. I want an airpane. Fank you." and just stood there. Santa laugh and asked him to have a seat. Austin happily went up with Santa, said "Cheeze" for the lady (hence the picture...but I couldn't get her to retake's just so Austin) and then he and Santa had a conversation. It made me so happy to just watch him. Love, love, LOVE my boy!

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  1. I just LOOOOOVE that picture of Austin! It's perfect :)


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