Happy Easter

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This morning my monkey toddled across the hall, climbed into our bed and promptly told me that he had to potty right now. It was very cute and I was amazed that his want of smarties won out over the colourful eggs that the bunny had left in the hallway.

Business done, Gordon and I steered Austin towards his empty basket and the trail of eggs that led to the bunny jackpot!

We are not baseball fans in our house. But I am in need of Austin to like another sport. Hockey is great but Mommy needs an off season!! Plus a t-ball set for the backyard will make a good addition to our backyard playland!

Easter inspired breakfast!

Boys like to grow things so the bunny was so kind as to leave some dinosaurs!

It's not a perfect spring day, it's raining and wet so I'm hoping it will clear by noon so that we can take Austin to the farm for an Easter Egg hunt....Enjoy your chocolate bunnies!

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