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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I should be on a plane headed to Baltimore to attend my first NACCU conference. Although let's be honest, the real appeal was that I was going to hang out outside Charm City Cakes until I was successful in getting pictures with Duff, Mary Alice and the crew. Instead I am sitting on the sofa nursing a head cold while my husband takes care of me and our boy. My Dr gave the no fly order a couple of weeks ago and didn't change her mind this week. Just as well...I'd be in crazy pain on a plane today.

So instead of stalking Duff, I am desperately trying to wrap my head around the fact that we've got a baby coming soon. My to do list is super long and I'm stressing that it won't all get it all done. I had a little spurt of energy after my shower and dug out the newborn clothing that I had packed away after Austin out grew them. I have to admit that as I was sorting through and looked at the size of the sleepers, I just couldn't believe how small they were. Seriously, my little boy is now over 3ft tall and says things his that just make you stop, look and say "Did he just say what I thought he did?!"

Long story short, I've added newborn onsies to my list of things that I need to pick. Austin was a fall baby so there aren't many short sleeve hand me downs to reuse on this little one and I have about 7 weeks to get the following stuff done:

  1. Home renovation (I'm planning to have G move a wall but if that doesn't happen there is still a lot of painting to do!)
  2. Write the birth plan and talk to my doctor about it
  3. Maternity photos
  4. Spring clean the house
  5. Set up bassinet and change table
  6. Wash small and one size diapers
  7. Pick up new one size diapers
  8. Make and freeze several meals and muffins
  9. Pack bags for the hospital
  10. Pick a name
  11. Get everything wrapped up at work.
Okay I'm exhausted just looking at that list....who wants to help?!

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