And Baby makes four!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

After a week and a half of false labour, I woke up at 3:20am on Friday June 3rd with more cramps. At first I thought that they were the same as I had been having, but suddenly they became very sharp. I got G up to help me into the tub hoping that the hot water would make me more comfortable. The contractions started getting a bit stronger and closer together so at 5am and I asked G to get up again (I had sent him back to bed after I got in the tub, thinking that nothing would be happening anytime soon). G got the bags in the car and I called my Mom. At 5:30amI called our friend Kelly and asked if Austin could come to her place in as soon as we could get there and thankfully she said yes. We arrived at her place by 6am and left our still sleeping boy with our friend and headed to the IWK.

I made G stop the car twice on the way into the city. I was so nauseous...apparently that is a sure sign that I was in transition... I have no idea how far apart my contractions were, I just knew they were pretty strong and very close together. G started stopping at red lights when we got off the highway and I was pretty sure that if he kept that up, our baby was going to be born in the backseat of our car. 

Much to my delight we finally arrived at the IWK. As G helped me out of the car, I had another contraction and he had to help me into the hospital. We left the car in 20 minute parking (our camera and bags stayed behind too), and as the Security guard held the door open, G helped me into the admissions area. Suddenly I had another contraction and for the first time in my life, I managed to do a perfect full squat. Oh how my yoga instructor would have been proud! G signed the papers because I couldn't. And it was at that moment that I realized that my contractions weren't 5 minutes apart. They were coming one right after another and my back felt like it was going to split in half.
We were seen in early labour and assessment for all of two minutes. Baby was coming fast and we were ushered to birth room 9...where I immediately asked for the man with the needle. I have never experienced such back pain in my life. I couldn't focus on anything else and the gas was making me sick to my stomach. It was shift change and I am so grateful that Melanie was my nurse that morning. She saw the Anesthesiologist walking by and ran out and grabbed him. He got the medicine in and about 30 seconds later I needed to push. It was just about 8am.

G was a great coach and Melanie was so encouraging. The epi took away my back pain and I was focused on getting my baby out. After a tense few minutes where I pushed the resident and then apologized profusely (She was going at me with a needle at the very moment I needed to push and I didn't want her to get the baby...) our baby came out in one push. The doctors barely caught her!

At 9:09am our sweet Amelia Helen Leah Boutilier was born.

About 20 minutes old...G had to go get the camera from the car

I can hardly believe that I have a daughter. After Austin was born I just figured that I would have all boys. Her delivery was very clear and a blur all at the same time. I was able to hold her after they cut the cord and she was just moments old. I am so grateful for those first moments. It was amazing to breath her in and count her tiny fingers and toes. I fell in love in that incredibly special way that I could never truly find the words to explain. It's that feeling that you would give the world and your life to protect your child would know and understand.

Welcome to the world sweet baby girl!

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