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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My blood pressure is up and I'm not allowed to go to work anymore. I did bring some stuff home to work on in the meantime. But after months out of the kitchen and little to no interest in exploring new foods I made a triumphant return last night. Mommy verdict is that it was all good!

I was up, it was raining and I was intrigued by making my own lemonade ever since my follow preggo cousin Laura called me to rave about her latest craving. On the way home from dinner last night I stopped at the store and picked up organic raspberries and fresh lemons. Once Austin was in bed, I put on my apron and started looking for my necessary tools. I found my sieve, measuring spoons and cups and my favorite Paula Dean wooden spoon. I made the simple syrup and crushed raspberries into the pitcher. While the syrup cooled, I started squeezing the lemons. I bleached my shirt in the process and decided that one of those wooden citrus reamers will be a must have addition to my collection of tools. Once the syrup was cooled I added that to the pitcher. The colour was really quite something! The raspberries were this very intense pink and then the lemon juice turned it this gorgeous shade that I wanted to paint on my walls! In the end it looks like this:

"Ahh refweshing!"- Austin 

You can find the recipe on the blog My Baking Addiction . (I have to say this blog is pretty darn good and I can't wait to try the cherry mojitos...)

While I was putting together the lemonade I also made these:

I slightly overcooked them so they are lacking that fudgy texture that should be found in the perfect brownie but oh how close I came! Next time I will take a few pictures as I make them. The eggs and sugar are whipped together until they turn into this really gorgeous thick pale yellow combination. I folded in the chocolate and butter mixture (I used 3oz of 70% dark chocolate instead of 2.5oz) and once that was all done I folded in the flour mixture. Up to that point I was convinced I had done something wrong. The mixture was yellow with brown flecks and not the deep chocolate colour that I was expecting. As I folded in the flour, magic happened....seriously! The batter turned deep brown and was super thick. I poured it into a pan and hoped that despite the thunder and lightning the power wouldn't go out and ruin my latest creation. Luckily it didn't and I was able to bake them. I'll bake them 5-7 minutes less next time and they will be perfect.

This recipe is from Simply Sweeter another great blog!

Now what to make tonight??

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