Big Brother meets Little Sister

Monday, June 27, 2011

One of the very first calls we made after the excitement died down a bit in the birth unit was to Austin to let him know his baby sister had arrived. The conversation went a little like this:

"Austin, it's Mommy. Guess what? You have a new baby sister!"
"A baby sister? Mommy I'm Spiderman!"
(So you can totally see that my boy got it. lol)

We were finally moved from the birth unit to the maternity room mid afternoon Friday. Melanie kept us a little longer down on the 3rd floor so that we would get a private room and I was very happy about that! I felt like a million bucks and could move around easily. Gordon and I were both so excited and were spending time soaking in our new addition, but something just felt like it was missing. We both kept talking about how Austin was going to react and feel about his new sister.

Not too much later, Garnet brought our boy in to meet his sister. He opened the door to my room and ran straight to me with open arms. I sat him next to me on the bed and introduced him to Amelia. At that moment the experience felt complete. Our whole family was finally together.

Austin meets Pink for the first time.

It's been 22 days since Amelia came home. Every morning Austin greets her by climbing up onto my bed, getting right in her face and saying " Good morning sweet heart! Hi sweetie!" He hugs and kisses her and, when we're not looking, tries to pick her up. So far he is very much in love with her and tells everyone he sees that he's a big brother. I hope this continues!!!

It is so much fun to watch him interact with her. Who knew he would be right that baby was a girl?

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