To Grandma's House We Go

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In July, Amelia had her first trip to Newfoundland. It was an adventure getting there and the kids just did not settle until the last day or so but I am so very glad that we went.

Poppy met his new girl. Mom had met Amelia in the airport on her way back from Ottawa but my Dad still hadn't had the chance. It was so lovely to see him with her!

I wanted more than anything for my grandfather to meet his newest great grandchild and he did. His face lit up when I brought her in the room and he was so happy to see her.  All our love and prayers are in Newfoundland right now and I'm praying for a miracle for our family. It has been a rough few months and we are still unsure of how it will all work out but any and all positive thoughts and prayers are welcome!

Austin provided some much needed comic relief. He was all out of sorts but he had moments where his true spirit came through.....and don't you just dig the sunglasses!

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