Busy Weekend

Monday, August 1, 2011

As usual the weekend came crashing into the end of our week and I was so happy to see it. Friday started out wonderfully. Austin was very well behaved and we made it through a trip to Avery's and the Superstore with no drama, no tantrums and the only crying was done by Amelia.  The moment we stepped through the door of our home a switch flick and Austin did everything he could to drive me crazy. Every word went in one ear and out the other and after 4 hours of this I called G and told him I would pick him up early if he could manage it. Thankfully he could and the extra set of hands help bring some sanity to my world.

Saturday morning was a fresh start.I was up at 6:40 and made muffins and raisin oatmeal cookies and enjoyed my first cup of coffee before 7:30am. The rest of the house stirred around 8 and we started our day.  We cleaned and played with our littles. We didn't leave our house. Late naps meant a late night and Sunday morning came sooner than I could imagine.

Sunday was a day for adventure. We began our day with diapers on the line. I know that doesn't sound like much of an adventure...but I'm a bit of a dork and clean diapers hung on the line to dry in the sunshine makes me happy, especially when they have been hung by my hubby :)

Oh the colours you get when you have a girl!

Then we headed into Windsor to meet friends for some fun on the miniature trains. If you have never been here you have to check it out!!! So much fun and it is by donation so you pay what you can afford. The old guys who put this off are a hoot.

After a picnic lunch, we headed back to the city and ended up at my Aunt's house for a swim in her pool. It was crazy hot and a dip in the pool was just what the doctor ordered. Austin swam all by himself and was daring and showing no fear as he lept from the edge of the pool into the water (no worries, daddy was close by). And there Miss Amelia took her first swim!

"Look Mom1 I swim all by myself!"

She looks sad but she really did enjoy the water...

All tuckered out from the swim.

Today was a low key day. We were suppose to go to Moncton to spend the day at Magic Mountain but I was exhausted and was happy to spend the day at home. We lingered in bed until 8:30,a rare and wonderful treat. We set up Austin's personal pool and then had friends over for a BBQ. A great night with a part of our village.

The water was a tad bit cool....

Keeping ice cream away from Madden

Yeah, I'm chill

Crazy chocolate covered boy.

The only thing that could have made this night better was a campfire. Austin is now settled into his bed for what I am hoping will be a nice long sleep. Miss Amelia is waiting to be cuddled and loved to dream land. I'll try to catch up on pictures and updates this week... as soon as my laptop cable arrives from Newfoundland :) In the meantime there really isn't anything better to end this post with than patio lanterns...

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  1. Those miniature trains look fun and would definitely be something different to do with the kids. :)
    I also like any laundry that is hung up to dry by hubby. Always puts a smile on the face for sure.


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