Out of the Mouth of babes...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Earlier this evening:

Me: "okay Austin. It's time to say our prayers and then we're going to sleep. Now I lay me-"

Austin: "NONONONONONONO! I do it! Now we sit and sofwy say fank you for Amewea, for my mommy and daddy and for my baby sister. Haymen!"

Me (laughing a little at how cute he said his prayer): "That was a good prayer sweetheart, Momm-"

Austin: "I not sweat heart! I Austin Walter Paul BOOTWIER! Mommy you need to go to sweep now so Austin can grow and get his pool back and Toy Story 3 back and go pway wif his buddy Kieren tomorrow."

And the above conversations are the very reason I haven't given him away yet! And yes, I can spell. Read it how it is and you'll pretty much hear what I did this evening.

Gotta love him!!

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  1. That is the sweetest prayer. I would definitely give my heart away for that too. Just beautiful.


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