O Christmas tree!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I love me a good Christmas tree. I love it when the snow is falling and the hunt is on for the perfect tree. This year the hunt was a little less picturesque. It was raining and the second tree we looked at was deemed  good enough for our holiday center piece. The teenagers manning the lot were short a few bricks for a load which made things interesting. Austin helped bring the tree to the car and my Dad and Gordon secured it to the roof. Amelia's first Christmas tree was en route to our house!!

Sunday morning we had the perfect opportunity to put the tree in place. Austin was gone to the movies with my cousin so Gordon was free to move the tree into the living room without any "help". Once the tree was in place, Gordon removed the wrapping and we had ourselves a little Christmas Vacation moment! The tree was a lot fuller than we had thought!

We let the tree settle for a few days before we decorated it. Austin was a huge help and the tree has several branches that have multiple ornaments on them and a few bare spots but it is his work of art so I resisted and didn't change anything!

The final product (the picture is crooked not the tree!)

I love the smell the tree gives the house. As Austin says "It smells like Christmas!" 

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