9 Months

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Amelia is 9 months old. How is time passing so quickly?! She can wave, say "Bye, bye", "Mama", "daddy" and jumbles sounds together that make it seem like she is saying something so important that if we could only speak baby all the world's problems would be solved. Her favorite food is still blueberries, but she now eats everything we eat with a few exceptions.  As you can tell from the picture, our little lady isn't feeling too hot today. She's been under the weather for the weather for the past few days and it is breaking my heart.  She is up well past her bedtime but is so miserable that I don't mind the extra cuddles.

Amelia does the same  sucking ion of her bottom lip that her brother did. She's really filled out the last few weeks and it makes her little cheeks so squeezable!

See that hair? That hair is the reason we might as well have stock in Grasshopper Kids Creations. Her hair stands straight on end after its washed and only flattens down with a clip or after she wears a hat. Its getting longer and the colour is changing a bit, it's more of an ashy blond now.

She practices her defensive moves on her teddy bear. Girl has got to be tough! Big brother Austin is going to make sure she is no shrinking violet!

Amelia loves books! Right now Austin's favorite is Green Eggs and Ham. Amelia loves reading it with him.  In honour of Dr. Seuss' birthday yesterday we read ever Dr. Seuss book that we had. Ten Apples Up on Top made our girl giggle the most!

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