Hearts, hearts and more hearts

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day was a huge hit in our house. Austin woke up to this:

While he was sleeping, I filled his room with red and pink helium balloons and attached little notes that told him reasons that we loved him. Early this morning I crawled into his bed before he woke up. He rolled over cuddled in and opened his eyes. He looked up and said "I like my room all decorated". We read all the notes to him and finished with great big hugs.

Naturally Gordon was sick this morning so getting out the door was a little hectic but after we got on our way, Austin and Amelia's day was filled with hearts and pink balloons

and pizza

and heart shaped watermelon bites (but I didn't get a picture of those).

For G's valentine, I had wrapped up little gifts for him to open at 14 minutes past each hour. Since he slept most of the day, that didn't work out quite the way I planned it but he appreciated it all the same.

I always try to make sure not a day passes that I tell and show my husband and children how much I love them. Extra hugs, butterfly kisses, an unexpected coffee at work these things go a long way. I am by no means perfect and life is definitely not all roses but I try and I think that is the main thing. For now my munchkins are sleeping soundly and I have a "man cold" that needs some attention.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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