It Feels Like Fall

Monday, September 2, 2013

Yesterday I bought a Pumpkin Spice Latte, nothing says fall quite like that drink.  The air is crisp, the sky is dark and the last official long weekend of the summer has been cold and drizzly. No beach, no sunset, no swimming in the pool.

I've spent hours reorganizing fabric and sewing supplies, removing too small clothes from dressers and rearranging my new kitchen cabinets. Spring is never the purge season for me, when the leaves start falling, the extra stuff in my house starts flying out the door. I guess it helps that the change of this season means tank tops need to be put away to make room for sweaters and shorts make way for their longer cousin...the pant and last but not least the return of the dreaded sock. Feet around here just want to be free to hang out in "flops" not stuffed into shoes. Maybe its our way of clinging to the summer as long as possible knowing that the rain boots and winter boots aren't that far away.

It's a little more emotional making the switch of the seasons this year. My baby is starting school. As I tucked him into bed tonight and we read "The Night before Kindergarten", I started to tear up. I know my boy is ready. He knows his letters, colours, shapes, numbers and can write his name. He thinks he can read and will charm the pants off any teacher. I'm not naive enough to think that I won't ever have a chat with the teacher, Oz is a very typical almost 5 year old boy after all.

 I'm not quite sure how Wednesday is going to go. I'm going to bring my tissues and cross my fingers that I don't break down into a blubbering mess in front of my boy (or the other moms). I'm grateful that I will be there and will get to capture his first moments at school. His first day of school A2 Designs request is a new tie with the fabric he picked out himself so this momma is off to sew that up for him. If the weather is nice tomorrow our personal family photographer will help us capture this milestone.

This little man drives me crazy some days and there are moments I just want to rip my hair out; but there are more days that he melts my heart and makes my sides hurt from laughing so hard. I'm in trouble with this one for sure!

I'm so not ready for this...


  1. Where does the time go?!! You're going to do great and he is going to love it. Give that little man a kiss from us.

    Xox Aunt RyLee & Uncle Clay.


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