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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I am thrilled that Shannon, owner of The Cotton Penguin, is a huge supporter or local mompreneurs. She 
ordered a dress from me for her daughter's birthday and was really happy, so happy that she asked if I would make a dress for her to carry IN HER STORE! That's pretty huge for me and I was absolutely up for the challenge. 

I don't typically make multiples of the same dress, but in the retail world it's kind of a necessity to do that. I wanted the dress to still be unique and so I decided to chose a fabric combination that I would make available only at The Cotton Penguin. I fell in love with this Nested Owls collection from Adornit Fabrics. Isn't it just the perfect combination of whimsy and fall? I wanted something that would work with our crazy weather here and so the Perfect Peasant Dress made sense- short sleeves work for the current warm afternoons and it can easily be layered with a long sleeve shirt  and leggings or tights when the colder weather moves in. This would be seriously cute with little boots...I might need to make yet another visit to Target for a pair for Amelia (It just opened two days ago and I've been there three times already).

I finished the dresses in time for the ECMC Pop up Fair in the Valley last weekend and handed them over to Shannon. On Monday she posted a picture on her Facebook page and I felt a little shiver of excitement seeing my dress up for sale.

photo credit: Shannon Sheilds

Shannon asked me to make something else for her (another post to come) and I went to her store to drop off her order. Walking through the door I was greeted by my creations!


I can't even tell you how it made me feel to see the items that I had worked so hard on placed up front and center in this great local business! It made my day. 

I know, I know- that is one adorable dress and no I can not make you one in that combination- unless you order it through Shannon. Go ahead- buy it here! ( And please do buy it- when she sells out she'll have to buy more!!!)

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