Kids Clothes Week- Project 2

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Clearly it is not Day 2 of KCW but I'm still sewing away and am looking at the week in terms of projects. I would have had another one finished last night only to discover that I only had enough I wanted to use for the skirt to do half a skirt...I called the fabric store and was told they still had it so I sent hubby there today to pick some up. (Ladies...that is love...a man who will go to the fabric store, deal with the fabric ladies and look through bolts and bolts of fabric for you). They didn't have it :(   So tonight I have to rethink the fabric choices for that dress. I was super excited about it which makes it even more disappointing....but I digress

Awhile back I made Miss A a gorgeous cowboy dress. It is one of my favorites. I had a request for a sibling set that was cowboy inspired but she didn't want the kids to look like Jessie and Woody from Toy Story. Here is the result:

I love this combo! The dress is a mix of 3 patterns, modified into one glorious dress. The straps and back each have elastic to get a better fit and longer wear, the skirt is full enough to twirl and I just love the vintage-ish buttons...sheriff stay inspired. The fabric is Michael Miller Horseshoe Red and  Lil' Cowgirl Blue.  I used a cow print that I had in stock.

Seriously, how can you resist this adorable print?! I had originally wanted to use the cow print for the suspenders on the shirt but it didn't look right. The brown looks so much better.

Tonight I'm going to work on a couple of Izzy tops and some leggings for Miss A who is growing WAY faster than I would like! I'm running out of pants long enough to fit her...I can't wait until it's warm enough for crops and dresses :)

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