Kids Clothes Week- Spring 2014- Day 1

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sew look what is here again already?!
kid's clothes week

I have a ton of stuff on the books for this week! I was fabric stalking one of my favorite sites, Hawthorne Threads, and came across the Littlest collection by AGF Studios. Easter and spring are in the air and I HAD TO HAVE this collection...congratulations to fabric fast lasted about a month...But really how could I not snap this up? It is fresh and classic and just makes me want to sew everything with it.

Despite what you all think I didn't immediately jump on the pink for Miss A's easter dress. I actually went with the "Pine Woods" border print and Teensy Weensy in Pine for the collar and trim.   Over the weekend
I finished Amelia's Easter dress only to realize that I should have made it about 2" shorter...but it's a border print so I will need to take it up at the waist. And the puff sleeves.... why oh why did I want her dress to be so vintage inspired? I need to thank the ladies in one of my facebook sewing groups for helping me out with the sleeves. I think you'll agree they look so much better now!

The pattern for the dress is the Sweet Dress by The Cottage Mama. I received her book Classic Sewing for Girls for Christmas and just love the return to very classic styles of dresses and smocks.

I haven't shortened the dress yet or added the buttons to the back so please forgive the hanger photo.  I'm loving the classic cuteness factor of the dress. The skirt could be a little more full so I think I'll double the skirt measurement when I make her birthday dress. Now to make a matching tie for Austin!

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