WIP- Work in Progress Wednesday (2 days late)

Friday, April 18, 2014

I guess I should explain why my posts have been very infrequently lately. I've got several projects on the go and have been trying to get a whole lot finished! This has been a pretty successful week for that thus far and now I need to catch you all up!

Kids Clothes Week was another fun week and I am very proud of how my projects turned out. Usually I try to finish the items before the week, get them photographed and then blog them. I also work full time and am trying to spend as much time with my kids as possible so you can see why I'm behind :) It's a lot of work but it's so worth it to me. I love sharing what we've been up to.

I took Amelia's Easter dress apart and took it up at the waist. Then I made Austin a matching tie. 2 hours at Andrea's, a container of goldfish and one cousin nap later we got the pictures! I love how they turned out. Here is a sneak peek:

I just love this fabric collection...and I love how handsome my little CEO looks :) He hammed it up for Andrea and the camera pretty good.

Here is my current selfish sewing (i.e not paid) project list:

  1. Baby blanket for Rhys (fabric cut)
  2. Birthday dress for Miss K (fabric cut)
  3. Zigzag quilt for Amelia (fabric cut)
  4. Toddler top (fabric selected)
  5. Toddler top (fabric selected)
  6. PJ pants for Austin (He picked the fabric and will help sew them up!)
That list doesn't include my A Squared Designs work which gets done before the selfish sewing does.

So that's my WIP...what do you have on the go?

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  1. Oh Lisa... Where do you find the energy? And I see nothing on that selfish list that is for you.


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