Belated Birthday post (34)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Thursday I had my birthday. I had no expectations that it would be a day unlike any other. I make birthdays a big deal for my kids, they are young and it is so exciting for them to get older (they start counting down to their birthdays as soon as we hit the first birthdays in the new year "Mommy, how many sleeps until MY birthday?!") and I really enjoy our little traditions like birthday age pancakes with candles for breakfast, birthday balloons and that kind of thing.  My birthday, however, is just another day. I like to do something fun with the kids but otherwise I'm good.

My day started off with a new purse and a fabulous FREE cup of coffee (yeah birthday rewards!). To me,
that was the best! The day couldn't get much better.

Bag:  Stella and Dot Megan Myles  Coffee Grande Skinny Latte
My coworkers decided that I needed to have a special day. It's been a rough few months and I know I've been a little preoccupied and sad. When I arrived at work I was greeted with a decorated door:

A lovely manicure kit and new ESSIE colours from my boss. Seriously Madison Ave-hue and Mint Candy Apple are my new favorite colours!


And then got a delivery from my parents in NL

Seriously yum!!! My kids loved it and so did the coworkers who were lucky enough to get a tast

Wine and Redneck wine glasses! Love that they come with screw on lids...solves the "summer fly in my wine issue"...and one of my coworkers thought I wouldn't like these....I thought she knew me but I guess

My day wrapped up with a BBQ with my inlaws and an ice cream cake that the kids picked out all by themselves.

I felt so much love on my birthday. I got an enormous amount of love on facebook and I know most of it was probably because of the reminder but still...I felt loved, appreciated and, most importantly, happy..just really, really happy...I found out the next day that I must have sucked the good days from a lot of folks because my day was incredible and others had bad days...but they didn't share that until the next day. They wanted me to have an amazing day.

Thank you for all the birthday love. It was a great day.

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