Belated Birthday 3

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How is my sweet girl 3 already?! At the time around her actual birthday, my father in law was still in critical condition in ICU and I wasn't able to focus on pulling together a birthday party for Amelia, so Gordon and I decided that we would make her day EXTRA special. I stayed up late making cupcakes and cookies for her to take to her daycare and then decided that while I didn't get a chance to make the dress I had had in mind for her birthday I could make her a quick skirt and t-shirt.

Thank you Little Lemonade Stand for the awesome banner!
I went to bed late and maybe 30 minutes later my darling girl crawled into my bed. I have to be honest, I loved the cuddle. I know this time goes so quickly...relish the little moments... She woke up with a smile and enjoyed her special birthday breakfast. She was thrilled with the balloons and Happy Birthday Bunting. She had a birthday party first thing!

She was so excited to see her birthday dress. She twirled in that skirt like there was no tomorrow :)  I used the Oliver +S lazy Skirt directions with the Children at Play fabric collection from Michael Miller. I absolutely love the balloon print and, thankfully, so did Amelia

She did the chicken dance and sang songs...and then she saw the treats for her school! I though her little face was going to split she was smiling so much and her eyes were killing me! So much excitement and joy in those little eyes. She had a great party with her friends.

Cookie cutters from Cheap Cookie Cutters

In case you are wondering what happened to the Jessie theme...she changed her mind and wanted Minnie Mouse, Mama obliged. Austin had Mickey for his 3rd...must be something about the mouse and three.

We had pizza and a Minnie Mouse cake, she opened gifts and loved them all. Three. I can't believe that my little girl is growing so fast.

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