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Monday, July 28, 2014

Today is the first day since July 1 that our little family won't be rushing from work to the daycare to swimming and then high tailing it to soccer. The kids have gotten so used to eating wraps, fruit and other snacks in the car that I wonder if they'll even know what to do tonight when we pick them up and head home for dinner before heading to soccer (and getting there on time!). I am seriously wondering is Miss A even remembers how to use a fork...(the milk mess left behind with her morning serial is a clear indication that she and utensils still need some practice to get along)

Keeping in mind that the weather is not looking great for the week, I planned the week's meals keeping in mind two things:

1) I do not want to spend all of our new found evening family time in the kitchen
2) I hate packing lunches

Keeping it simple and taking advantage of some local market meats and produce, I came up with a simple meal plan that will produce left overs for a quick and easy lunch pack up so there is little to no work to do the next  morning:

Pizza rolls
Chicken pattie & salad 
 Taco salad
 Slow cooker Veggie lasagna

As long as the weather cooperates we'll be camping this weekend so I didn't plan supper for Friday yet. Most of the meals are paleo and gluten free (kamut noodles for the lasagna).  What will be on your plates this week?

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