Focus 35: 21 Day Fix- Day 21

Monday, March 30, 2015

I finished the 21 Day Fix!

Finished is the right word because I am still doing it. It's not a diet as in a short term solution- it's a lifestyle evolution. I say evolution because it's true. Over the past year, our family has been changing the way we eat. I have always liked to cook and loved cooking all those awesome Giada DeLaurentis, The Pioneer Woman and Barefoot Contessa recipes featured on Food Network.
Some friends introduced us to the Whole30 and paleo. While our family hasn't gone completely gluten free, I am amazed at the amount of carbs we no longer eat. I make every attempt to make meals with whole foods, cut back the refined sugars and grains, and choose organic and grain fed whenever possible. Thanks to meal planning, eating real food, buying local and in bulk when possible our grocery budget comes in around $5.80/person/day. 

So why, with all those changes, was I not reaching my goals? 

Commitment and making time for myself are the biggest obstacles for me. I remember when I was a stay at home mom for a few months and doing the T25 workouts, I was getting results and loving how I felt. Then I started working full time again and carving out time for me went to the wayside. It's just so easy to get lost in the thick of working and making time for the kids, household maintenance and all the family activities that we have on the go.

I did Weight Watchers for awhile after each of my kids were born. I counted my points and stayed "on plan" everyday but still didn't lose. Part of that was a medication I was taking but the other, bigger, part was that I was eating boxed and processed foods. I don't knock WW. It has worked for so many people- it just wasn't right for me.

With the 21 Day Fix I have been re-learning portion control. It's amazing how much food you can eat when you eat whole, unprocessed foods and uses the macro ratio 40:30:30 for protein/fats/carbs.

Is my diet perfect? Nope. But it takes time to change.

Today is day 21. I have lost 3lbs and 5.5 inches. I am thrilled. Considering I had a stomach flu and didn't work out for a week, I'm pretty happy with those results.  Also the scale and the measuring tape have seemed to have been on a permanent plateau for awhile so it's great to see results!

On April 6 I am joining in a new fitness challenge group. Back to T25 workouts (Bonus Shawn T is adorable!) and still following the 21 Day Fix eating plan. Only 2 months until little Sister's graduation!

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