11 weeks 4 days to go

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

11 weeks?!? That can not be right...I feel like I have been pregnant forever (in a way I have) I am so tired, my belly is lopsided and by 4pm I will no longer have ankles (It's a daily feature of being preggo the coming attraction apparently is the wide nose that I will get in month 9 according to my coworkers!) The weather is crappy today. It is rainy and dark...perhaps that is perpetuating my mood. Oh well maybe yoga tonight will help.

Boutman house update!!! The basement is finally nearing completion! We can use the room now which is a major bonus. All of the furniture is now back where it is suppose to be. The rest of the rooms in my house now look huge compared to two weeks ago when they were all jammed with stuff. All that is left to do upstairs is hang a few mirrors, pictures and hooks. The baby's room still has some office stuff in there that needs to be sorted, filed or thrown out and then we can get that room organized and the baby's crib set up. Gordon has done such a great job and I am so proud of him!

Gordon and I registered last night for all of the essentials that we will need. I really do not want my house to be busting at the seams with stuff we don't need so we made a list of must haves and consulted with a few friends who recently had babies. Stripped half the stuff off the list and I think we ended up with a good list of essentials. It was still a lot of stuff... thank goodness for baby showers and hand me downs!!!

Other big news: We have tickets to see ELTON JOHN!!!! What a great last date night out before the baby! I am thrilled beyond belief. I love Elton John and I very excited to see his solo show. I'm sure that it will be something quite fantastic.

I'll post the 28 week belly pic soon. I know I haven't done a great job of sharing photos but I have to admit that it has been a real struggle to get used to having this belly in front of me!

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