Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally our house is finished!!! The basement is done, laundry room and half bath are finished, working and have doors. The upstairs is just bedrooms (no misc. boxes in random rooms) and the main floor just has the stuff that belongs there put where it is suppose to be. I am thrilled!!! I am beyond thrilled! It is so nice to come home at the end of the day and not have to face a renovation or a mess. It's great that G can now relax and spend some time with me and the baby.

We are headed to NL in 3 days. I am really excited about the trip home. I may have to wear a tshirt that says rub the belly be destroyed but I can't wait to see everyone. Pumpkin is growing like a weed and is moving around a lot. Pretty great during the day but not so fabulous at night. It's been so humid here. Between the bump and the heat it hasn't been so easy to sleep.

RyLee arrived from Nashville yesterday. Tonight we're all heading to see Mamma Mia. You can guess how excited Gordon is about that considering that he loves musicals and all. (I don't think that was sarcastic enough...) RyLee is around for the whole month so that will be great. On a side note her hubby Clay was performing at a festival where Jessica Simpson was performing and he got to hang out with her!!! I just happen to be a fan and will not be above begging and pleading to get an autograph or a pic and I told RyLee so last night. :P

I need to have a productive day today...I guess that means I should get off my blog and get to work!!

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