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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember that crazy to do list that I posted in April. I realized today that it now looks like this:
  1. Home renovation (I'm planning to have G move a wall but if that doesn't happen there is still a lot of painting to do!)
  2. Write the birth plan and talk to my doctor about it
  3. Maternity photos
  4. Spring clean the house
  5. Set up bassinet and change table
  6. Wash small and one size diapers
  7. Pick up new one size diapers
  8. Make and freeze several meals and muffins 
  9. Pack bags for the hospital 
  10. Pick a name 
  11. Get everything wrapped up at work.
Yeah for having things accomplished. I admit that the Spring cleaning isn't totally done but I've got cleaners coming June 6th to finish that up (Thank you Dealfind!). Gordon painted the hall and dining room wall and it looks spectacular. I'll post a picture when it's all finished later tonight.

We're still trying to decide on a girl's name. The boy name is in the bag, which leads me to believe that this baby is a girl. So do the three and a half days of false labour that I've had this week  It's driving me crazy. The way things were going on Wednesday and Thursday truly led me to believe that I would have been holding my newest addition right now. So disappointed when everything cam to a halt on Saturday morning. I'm currently making my way through the list of all the old wives tales about how to get this baby going! I'm open to every and all suggestions so please leave a comment about what worked for you. Help a girl out!!



  1. Never thought I would go for it (normally I am totally anti-exam, even in labour, but we had a bit of a deadline on our cottage so I was anxious) but I got my midwife to do a stretch and sweep (which ended up being a stretch only - couldn't get access for a sweep!) the day before (or after, depending on which due date you use) my due date. I could feel a difference right away - baby got about a cm or two lower just from moving cervix forward, midwife said. Labour started the next night (and then stalled for a few hours, but got going again and then she was born!). I think it's one of those things that only works when you are on the brink anyway, but with all that prodromal labour, you might well be on the brink!

    Also, that false start brought on my shortest of three labours. Wishing you a speedy (and soon) birth!

  2. Way to go sis-in-law! Completely enjoying your blogs, keep em coming. LOVE the new maternity pics, LOVE LOVE LOVE! The one you have on your FB profile is my favorite. They are ALL gorgeous though. Brillant work she does. Would LOVE a copy of something for our home here so we have you guys with us. I have a feeling you're having a girl too. So excited for you guys. Love you lots, Ry

  3. BTW both RyLee and Madison make great names for little girls. Sophie is sweet, Abigal, Savannah, Sarah, many more. Ivy, Emma, Leah (my favorite, hope to use it some day). It's not an easy task, is it!?

    Miss you.


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