A very special birthday

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A few weeks ago, we had the honour of being invited to celebrate the first birthday of a very special little girl. We're so blessed to have shared in her special day. I've always had faith that we would be celebrating her big day and every night since her birth Austin has always added a request for God to take care of his friend Kay.

Working at the IWK, and having been engaged with families who had similar stories, I thought I was prepared when I rushed to the 5th floor to check in on our friends Lisa and Pete and see how everyone was doing. Baby Kay (as Austin always calls her) was born early and weighed just over 2lbs. Pete was so excited and couldn't wait to show off his new daughter so the two of us headed down to the NICU. I thought that I knew what to expect and didn't anticipate that I would have any issues. I walked in, scrubbed up and met Kay.

When my eyes fell on her, I held back tears. I couldn't believe how tiny she ways. I glanced up at Pete and he was just looking at her with absolute adoration. She was so adorable and was being a trooper laying in her incubator wearing her little shades and kicking her little feet to let everyone know that she ready to fight.

It's been a tough road for Lisa and Pete and through it all they have been incredibly strong and positive. I admire their courage. They are incredible people and Gordon and I are honoured that they include us in their circle of friends. I felt guilty so many times that I wasn't able to provide more support in person. Austin had a bad spell with germs and it seemed like someone in our house was always sick. There was no way that we would risk exposing Kay to anything that might potentially harm her, so I dropped by when we were well, cooked when I had the chance to feed them and prayed everyday.

Kay and her mom and dad have spent more time at the IWK in her first year of life then a classroom of kids combined. But despite it all, they are still smiling and are currently enjoying having their precious little one home with them. Kay is doing so well and I just love every chance we get to visit with her. I have to admit that I hogged her for a while at her party, I couldn't help it and neither could you if you had the chance to be there. 

Love those bright eyes!

 Happy Birthday Baby Kay and Happy Anniversary of becoming her parents Lisa and Peter. We love you and can't wait to share so many more memories with you!

One proud Papa!

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