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Monday, February 25, 2013

About a year and a half ago, G and I had the kids' bedrooms renovated to make better use of the space. We moved a wall and changed the closets. I had posted about Amelia's room but Austin's still wasn't finished. It's been done for a while now so it's about time I shared it!

The wall decals are from SuperStore. They had coordinating totes and I kicked myself for not getting them, because now they don't have them anymore. The decals are really what inspired the room. Simple and classic, they'll grow with him for a few years and can easily be removed if the little man suddenly decides he dislikes them.

I'll never forget the day I got him Buzz and Woody... he saw them at the Disney store  and held them each by the hand and that was it! They are still favorites and tend to go with him whenever he can bring a stuffy.

Four has been a bit of a challenging year, but we've found that Ozzy responds so much better to a visual goal so Santa brought him his very cool chore chart. He earns happy faces each day and then get a reward at the end of the week. Ozzy's buddy Graham gave him the car map for his birthday and it works as the perfect floor mat.

We've been working hard at decluttering and organizing our house and the kids' rooms have been the easiest to up keep. I've stuck to the something in - something out rule and (surprise, surprise) it has kept the clutter down. Austin can usually find what he us looking for, has room to play and it doesn't take forever to clean it up. (always the biggest bonus for this mama!)

Oh the Hotwheels track....he loves it!

Vitaminer Bil from Ikea (Thanks Little One for hunting this down and sending it to us!)
Curtains are plain navy from Walmart. I might change these up but for now they work.

Rooms Come True (truck wall hooks)
Transportation decals (Joe Fresh Home)
Kudos Signs and Gifts (Boy wall decal)

Caribbean Coast 550D-4 (upper wall) and Moon Rise (lower wall, trim and ceiling) both by Behr

Our room is the last of upstairs to post...but it isn't quite where I want it yet. Almost just a few finishing touches and then I can get started on a refreshing the main floor!

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