Date Night

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last Friday, G and I went on a date...with our little man. It was so nice to spend a little one on one time with our guy. We hadn't told him where we were going until we were on our way. He was so excited. BUT he thought we were going to see the Bruins...

A: Mom I can only cheer for the Boston Bruins!
Me: But what if the Bruins aren't playing?
A: Who's playing?
Me: The Moosheads!
A: Weeellll...I guess I can cheer for them. GO MOOSEHEADS GO!

found our seats!

Here comes the Mooseheads!
Our seats were in the second row from the ice. The puck had just dropped when a group of teenage hockey players sat in the row in front of us. Ozzy said he couldn't see, he could of course but he just didn't have a perfectly unobstructed view of the Goalie. They over heard him and switched up their seats so the shortest guy sat in front of my boy! I was so impressed! 

6ft Sub!!! Thanks to the Fans of the game for sharing
Well the game was full of action, and the Mooseheads played great! The 50/50 winner took home $11,364...sadly it wasn't me, but it does give me another reason to want to go to the next game. The Sea Dogs scored with 9 seconds left in the game....but they still had their asses handed to them.

Austin loved every minute. We are going to make sure we take him to another game in the next couple of weeks.  I loved having that 100% time to focus on him, and he loved it too.

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