Kids Clothes Week Day 2

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My little man desperately wanted Batman shorts...and mama couldn't find them! I (thanks to my ridiculous shopping addiction for fabric) manage to locate some fun Batman fabric at Walmart so I made him a pair.

Oh and a bucket hat and tshirt too...

My friend had her little guy over to our house on Sunday and was lamenting about how difficult it was to find pants to fit him. His nickname is bean for a reason! So I made him a quick pair or shirts using the tutorial on MADE. Problem was they were way too short in the waist. So I added two inches and made him another pair. Then last night I made him three more pairs!

I need to add the elastic in the waist and a few finishing details (banana pocket for the monkey shorts maybe) so another 20 minutes later today and KCW project #2 will be done!

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