Wednesday, July 24, 2013

No Internet, no tablet, no smartphone...

For the first time in years I have just spent 5 days completely unplugged. At first I felt like I was missing an appendage without my smartphone in hand. I have been without it since last Wednesday and I definitely went through withdrawal symptoms. It felt odd not to be posting pictures and tweeting our adventure.

We spent our vacation on the beach. Ozzy loved every moment, G turned a little red and Miss A screamed the moment her feet touched the sand. She spent most of her time at the beach like this:

Beach time did happen to correspond with nap time so curled up in the shade is where she spent most of her time. She did love the playground and the campfire.
Thumbs up for s'mores!

Ozzy, on the other hand, had a blast playing in the sand.

He was also a mermaid...
They build sand villages, searched for creatures, swam in the ocean and played. Every night when we crawled into the tent, little man was out within three seconds. Amelia bounced from air mattress to air mattress until finally settling down.

We took a trip into Charlottetown for a tour of the ice cream factory and new shoes. before heading back to the campground.

Saturday night we watched the lightning in the clouds over the ocean. I have to say it was pretty amazing.

I wish we could have stayed longer. Austin keeps asking if we can go back to the island and I don't blame him one bit! What's not to love about sand, sun, good friends and ice cream? :)

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