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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So I've written about my awesome birthday and updated the 34 x 34 that I set out to accomplish. I did achieve a lot on that list and I'm really pleased. It was an ambitious list and it ended up at about 80% complete. What I noticed was that I fell short on my fitness and health goals. I've been sitting with 34 for a few weeks now. I like 34...the age doesn't offend me..but next birthday makes 40 feel really close...I need to set my goals for the year.

A while back I started a Beachbody program and I was doing really well with it. I started feeling so good and was dropping inches but the number on the scale wasn't moving. I knew it was making a difference in my shape and, finally after 3 weeks, the weight started to drop.

At the time I was a full time mom and had a great daily routine. Get up, take Austin to school, come home, do my workout with Amelia, take Amelia to playgroup, lunch, cleaning/laundry while Amelia napped, pick up Austin, hang out with the kids, make supper, go for run/walk, put kids to bed, put me to bed.

Does that not sound like the ideal day? It did to me (still does actually)...but I had to go back to I got a new job and my routine changed. Gone were the daily workouts and runs...I am lucky at this point to get a workout in at all in the evening. It was so much easier to get in my daily workout and nightly run when I had hours of time with my kids during the day. I didn't feel guilty for take 30 minutes twice a day to myself. Working full time again changed that. I only have a few hours a day with my littles and I have a hard time missing even a minute of that precious time.

Late in the spring Gordon's father got sick and, sadly, he passed away in June. Over that time my weight climbed without me noticing. I gained about 10lbs over a four month period....I was about as happy about that as a slug on a salt lick.

I have been struggling with getting the time to myself to work out. The kids have had evening activities, I've been staying up late to get the housework and projects done, packing lunches and folding laundry. I have been exceptionally tired...the kind of tired that comes from weeks of interrupted sleep due to worry and a little girl who refuses to sleep all night and who then sleep for one full night (maybe two) to give her mother the delusion that can only come from 1 full 8 hours mixed in with weeks of 2-3 hour stretches.

Needless to say fatigue has been cramping my style. With the littles gone to visit my parents, there is no excuse not to focus on my health. I HAVE THE TIME. I've gone running and have returned to T25. I'm optimistic that two weeks of routine will keep me motivated and give me the strength to say no to my hubby and kids and yes to my time to get fit.

I'm lucky to have an inspirational Beachbody coach Mandy Leonards who I met online in a due date group when I was pregnant with Austin. This girl goes after her dreams and is supportive and encouraging. When I was struggling to find a fitness plan, I got a message from Mandy out of the blue. Perfectly timed. I have a few friends who are also doing a program to help keep me motivated. I cannot fail at this. There are a lot of good things to come in the next few years and I want to enjoy them without worrying about my weight or my strength. I want to be a role model for them and set the right example for them. I need to quit quitting.

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