WIP: Amelia’s Hoo’s in the Forest Chevron quilt

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My friend Emily seemed like she was always working on a quilt. I used to joke with her that she was a little old lady as, at 26, she would be sitting on the sofa, hand stitching a quilt for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to do something like that. 

Now I get it.

Creating something handmade is awesome. Anyone can go to the store and buy a machine made blanket or quilt and receive the instant gratification that comes with that. You can order a quilt from an artisan and wait with anticipation for them to finish your order. Making it is a labour of love.
Some quilts can be made in a matter of hours, some a few days or weeks. I might just hold the record on this one though. I bought the fabric for this quilt when Amelia was just a few months old...Now she is 3.

I picked this gorgeous Hoo’s in the Forest fabric collection by Riley Blake and held onto it not knowing where to start or what to do. I finally decided on a chevron style quilt but the tutorial that I had pinned no longer led to a blog post. So I had to start the search for a tutorial again. After a while I can me across this tutorial from MODA.

I got to work but, because of a few cutting mistakes, I ended up with not quite enough fabric to make the top as large as I wanted to. 

I wanted the chevron pattern to go horizontally so the strips are sewn and then put together on the diagonal. 

I've finally finished putting together the zig zag top but need to add a 10” border around all 4 sides to make it big enough for a twin bed. I am thinking that I’ll use a solid white and a pink with white pin dots on it for the border. If I don’t have enough of the pink fabric in stock I’ll have to find something else that isn’t fussy but has a bit of character to it.

Emily is going to help me with the backing and then with sewing it all together. I'm terrified I’ll ruin it.  Fingers crossed it all turns out okay!

What are you working on? Link up at Freshly Pieced and share your Work in Progress!


  1. I really like your chevron baby quilt. And I'm glad the quilting bug has bit you. It's great fun!

    1. Thank you! I have two others planned. I'm a bit nervous about putting this all together given the size of it.

  2. Ruth has left a new comment on your post "WIP: Amelia’s Hoo’s in the Forest Chevron quilt":

    That's turning out really lovely. Like your plan for white and pink & white dots!

    Sorry Ruth I hit delete by accident!

  3. LIsa-I spray baste with 505 and then use safety pins when I put the layers together. Get a good quality cotton batting and you'll be fine. My machine likes Aurifil thread and Mettler best for quilting. You can't ruin it! It will turn out wonderful, something to be very proud of!

    1. What cotton batting do you recommend? Thanks for the vote of confidence!


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