Sleep..or lack thereof

Friday, May 1, 2009

Poor Austin...I'm not sure if its teething or a growth spurt but the poor little guy is just not sleeping well. He was up about 4 times last night and then up bright and early at 4:50am. Yet, even with little sleep, my boy is still smiling and happy...he for sure doesn't get that from me! I miss the nights of putting him down at 8pm and him waking at 7am...I felt refreshed in the morning and it didn't worry me that he didn't nap during the day. Now I find myself going for drives just to get him to have a snooze.

Hopefully today he will have a nap in the car and tonight he will sleep better. I don't want him to be cranky tomorrow. Janice is in town and we're taking her shopping. Austin is pretty good in the mall but without a good night sleep I'm not sure how he'll react.

Who needs sleep anyway...not me! I can function..kind of... granted I say words that don't make sense, burn toast, drop spoons and baby food (today it was bananas all over my jeans) I can function perfectly well on 3 hours of sleep...(stop laughing....I can do it...maybe) Okay so maybe I do need some sleep (more like a lot of sleep).

But who am I kidding...those gorgeous blue eyes and his bright can't get down about broken sleep! He is just too important for that.

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