9th Annual IWK Radiothon on C100FM!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today is the first of a three day take over of the airwaves by the IWK Foundation. As a new mom I understand how incredibly important this incredible Health Centre is. Austin was seen by Nutrition Services when he was just a few months old because he wasn't gaining any weight. He had dropped over a pound after he was born and it took almost a month for him to get back up to birth weight. The clinician that we saw was awesome and was so good with Austin (although the high tech scale at the IWK actually had Austin weighing less than his Dr's scale did....that was the not so good news). Anyway you all know now that my incredible little boy is beyond health, still he has made a couple of trips to the ER and as a parent it is really reassuring to know that this incredible place exisits.

I urge you to visit and listen to some of the incredible stories and, if you are able to do so give your gift to help the IWK.

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