Baby bellies everywhere...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So the problem with being at home for a week is that I have had too much time to think. I made the mistake of allowing my husband to be in the room with me with the surgeon when he said not to go back to work until at least the 8th and not to lift anything heavier than 10lbs for a minimum of a week. G takes doctor's orders very seriously and thus I have actually been home from work for a week....watching A Baby Story.

So now I am kind of on the "when will we have another baby?" kick. Don't get me wrong I am perfectly content with Austin and spending every minute that I can with him is a complete joy. I know that he will make an amazing big brother and he really likes having another kids around so it isn't a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when?". Two of my friends are pregnant right now and I am living vicariously through their baby bellies. Laura is just absolutely glowing! Emily just had her baby back in December and I miss the new baby smell.

I know I need to lose the weight before I can get pregnant and I really think I can lose 50lbs by the summer. It's a matter of good health and setting a good example for Austin and faster recovery, all that jazz....but I really look forward to having a belly that isn't flab, but is baby fab!

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