And now for some pictures!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Without further delay....

The New Deck! (Great job hunny!)

Austin melting in the heat (rocking a lulu headband)

The Great Ice Cream Capper 2010

Back in June we went to Kelly and Daniel's for a BBQ one day after work. Like responsible mothers, Kelly and I were watching the children like Hawks...until the wine started to kick in. We thought the kids were being a little too quiet... We looked down and saw that Austin and Aislynn had gotten the ice cream out of the freezer (note to self...bottom door freezer bad idea) and were eating it out of the container with their hands. It was incredible cute!

Running. I love this picture. I took it on my birthday while watching Austin and Clare kick the ball around the yard. I wonder if I have a little David Beckham on my hands...

More pictures tomorrow!

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