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Monday, July 19, 2010

Tonight I ran for the first time in about three weeks. I made it four laps before my legs just wanted to give out and my lungs almost exploded. I walked for 30 seconds before picking it up again. I'm mad at myself for letting my endurance suffer over the last three weeks. Between the heat and the rain I haven't been braving the elements to hit the track. This week I will get back on track (so to speak!)

Monday- run...done
Tuesday- mojitos (A visit from Annette trumps running!)
Wednesday- run in the forcasted rain
Friday- run
Saturday- yoga?

We're planning on heading to NB for the long weekend and that means we'll be hitting up Magic Mountain and that means I need to wear a swimsuit in public. So the next two weeks I will be hard at it!

Annette is coming for the day tomorrow and I am excited to spend a few hours with her. I can't wait to head to St. John's for a weekend this fall!!

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