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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am very blessed in my life to have amazing friends. Friends that I can call on to celebrate little victories and cry about things that just aren't going my way. Friends who knew about the second line on the pregnancy test moments after it appeared and before I was ready to share the news with the rest of the world. Friends who sat and consoled me when I didn't think I could feel more sorrow and friends who welcomed and celebrated my little boy's birth and supported me as my life changed forever.

Laura is one of my amazing friends. She and her husband John moved to Alberta a few years ago and I desperately miss her. I'll never forget the day she called and told me that she too was going to become a mother. It has been hard sharing this with her from afar and supporting her from Halifax when ever ounce of me wanted to be in Alberta holding her hand and telling her everything would work out.

Her precious little one arrived just after midnight on June 21st. I had asked him to arrive before 9:30am or after 2pm because I had our AGM during that time and wouldn't be able to answer my phone, and Elijah, being the sweet child that he is, graciously obliged. I wish I could hold him and be there to help Laura out and I am counting down the days until their trip home in the fall.

Laura is a great writer and she encouraged me to create a blog a few years back. Here is the story of Eli's birth, written so well by his adoring mother.

I miss you and can not wait to see you!!!


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