Bust a Move with Paula? Yup and I'm bustin' the Bump too!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Only 16 days to go before Bust a Move 2011!!! I can't wait to participate in this event. and the Baby belly are going to join hundreds of other people in a six hour work out banaza to raise money to establish a world class breast health centre right here in Nova Scotia.

Last year I worked my butt off to raise $1000 in order to participate. I worked out 4 days a week leading up to the event and then, the weekend before, I had just about the worse gallbladder attack ever. I begged and pleased that it didn't need to come out right away and managed to persuade the over worked, overbooked surgeon to let me make an appointment to schedule the surgery. All was good. I was back on track to join my team mates at the event...until.....

I ate French Onion Soup.

Maybe it was to cheese, or the red wine in the broth but either way one hot, delicious bowl of cheesy, onion goodness later, I landed back in the ER Tuesday night, was minus one internal organ on Thursday morning and was forbidden from participating in Bust A Move on Saturday.

I was crushed. I really, really want to join in and so I signed up again this year....and then found out I was pregnant. I've talk to my doctor and she said I could do it as long as I took it easy. So I'm going to!

Below is a message from Paula...I'm so excited! STRAIGHT UP! I can't wait for the 26th!

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