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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A few weeks ago, our busy house got a little household got a little busier! In the early hours of February 13th, Gordon made two trips to the airport to pick up 1 university friend, 1 adorable baby boy, 1 man with giant hands and a chocolate lab. Yup Laura, John, Eli and Scotia came for the night!!!!

Austin and Eli had a great time playing and Scotia seemed to enjoy throwing his bone around the house. It was great to hang out with Laura and John. And of course I took too many pictures (although is there really such a thing?)
Dude, we were on a plane all night...I need a fix!

Who needs a real dog, I can pull this one around!

Our favorite Halifax pub!

humm...sweet potato fries with currie mayo or fried pep?

Banana.....I like food!

The face that matches the most annoying sound in the world!
Actually the sound was not annoying.. see for yourself:

It was awesome having little Eli around. I loved watching him try to stuff a full cracker in his mouth and laugh and giggle at Austin as he played with him. Austin love EI and had to hold him in his lap a few times. I was too busy freaking out about him dropping the little guy to snap a picture, so you'll just have to trust me that it was beyond cute! Austin is going to be a great big brother.

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