The Good Ol' Hockey Game!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It took us awhile but we finally got Austin to a Mooseheads game. I wan't really sure how the outing was going to go. Oz hadn't napped and G had been out helping his sister in the morning so I had him a little worked up (playdoh and hockey will do that to my kid!) I fed him some lunch, got him dressed and once G came home we jumped in the car and headed into the city. I think G and I were more excited than Austin. He didn't really understand until....
 Oz spent most of the game in awe. We were in the second row from the ice and had a great view! His jaw dropped and he cheered and shouted at the players. The biggest problem that we had was that between periods Austin wanted us to get his skates and hockey skates because according to him it was "Austin's turn to pway hockey". The statement was followed by tears before we were able to distract him with Hal or a game on the ice. He made fast friends with the ladies sitting in front of us. In fact one of them game him her bell so that he could cheer even louder!

Checking out the hockey mans with Daddy.
 We need to do this with him more. What a great memory and a great family afternoon. Nothing crazy, just fun times together. I love my family. I wish I had something deeper to say but really, it's pretty simple. I have an awesome husband, a great little boy and another baby on the way.  Life is good!

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