Valentine's Day Take 2

Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting in on the heart action!

Valentine's Day was a blast. Austin went to Kelly's and had a Vday celebration that included a party, decorate and eat a cupcake, a valentine's day lunch, and valentine's crafts. He had so much fun! He talked about it all evening. I took the day off to run around with Laura and John before they headed on to visit Laura's family and headed into the office for a meeting in the afternoon. When I got there my meeting had been cancelled but I arrived just in time to have a dozen roses delivered to me! G had sent them with a nice vase so that I could keep them at work to brighten up my office. So sweet!

My boss told me to head out and I was so excited to get to pick my little monkey up and spend some extra time with him! I know some people knock Valentine's Day but I think it's a blast. Now that Austin is in our lives, Valentine's day means something different. It isn't about the expensive dinner, the wine and exchanging gifts because the calendar says so. It's fun to decorate the house and get Austin excited to make crafts, eat pink smarties and heart shaped food.  We wore red clothes and red stories about caring about others. Sure G and I enjoy a nice dinner and I do miss my wine, but we really should be making an effort to spend more time together and not just because Hallmark says so.

Besides, what can compete with a family hug and raspberries on cheeks!

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