A T. Rex named Sue and a reminder that boys are quick.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the last Sunday of January, the day after the call that started my emotional roller coaster for the week, we decided that our little family needed some positive excitement and an adventure. We called friends and packed Oz up and headed into Halifax. After running some errands (when the toddler falls asleep in the car take full advantage to get things done!) that included a stop to my bakery heaven, Bulk Barn.

We landed downtown Halifax at the Museum of Natural History and joined the long line of people and children eager to reach the inside of the building. The air was chilly but the excitement and anticipation in the air was electrifying. We were all there for the same thing, to see Sue. A T.Rex that had come to town. You may recognize Sue from the Night at the Museum movie. She's the dino from the Smithsonian. We got the replica but that didn't matter to the boys!

The boys were immediately in awe and taken with this real life sized dino: 

The dinodor is coming Mommy!

We needed two pictures to get her full profile.

After spending quite a bit of time looking at Sue and playing with displays, puzzles and bees, we moved on to the rest of the museum's exhibits. Oz and Gray played with the bones in the Mammals and Marine Animals display. Austin was fascinated with how the bones came apart and that he could control where they went.

"Wook Mommy! I fix him."
Attention spans being what they are in toddler boys, they quickly moved on to being fascinated with the "no-touch-touch-tank" Seriously, you have an open tank of water with sea creatures just begging for little hands to scoop up and examine the wonders in the water and you have said tank at touching level and you go and put a Do Not Touch sign on it? Obviously that person has never had a little boy......

We moved on to the wonders of birds, fishes and puffins before heading out. Austin and Gray ran off and for one brief second I was reminded that my heart walks around on the outside of my body. I couldn't find the boys anywhere! They were looking at the bird display just around the corner. It was a relief to find them, give them a quick scolding about running off without Mommy or Daddy, kiss their little heads and move on.

Our friends had to go on to a dinner so we parted ways and took Austin back to see Sue "Just one more time!". The crowd was thick so naturally Oz managed to wiggle out of my grasp. For 30 heart stopping seconds I could not find him. He wasn't answering my calls for his name. I'm starting to be a hormonal mess, when a little old lady says "Dear? I think he is right here." pointing at the visual display. Sure enough, there was Austin up in a total strangers arms looking through a view finder. Not sure how the stranger managed to lift him, she was a sweet little old lady too. I thanked them for finding him and informed G that it was time to go. But not before a visit to Gus.....because who can resist : "Just one more time?"

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