Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We got slammed with snow again last night. It took an hour and a half for Natalie and I to get to work this morning. Where was all this snow when I was desperate for snow to make my spirit bright for Christmas! Poor G was out clearing snow at 5:30am (he won't let me do it and I was just as happy not to at that hour!)

Austin just wanted to get outside and play in the fluffy white stuff this morning. He pulled his boots on over his hockey jammies and tried to escape out the front door as I was trying to get in the shower. I managed to lure him upstairs and then closed the baby gate at the top of the stairs (he hasn't figured out how to open it...yet). It was nice to play and chat with him this morning. Usually he is so groggy and not wanting to get up so I love the mornings that he is up and at 'em with a good spirit. Now let's just hope he keeps those spirits up for Kelly today!

Here's what this morning's snow looked like (pictures were taken on my phone so pardon the quality):

And a few winter pictures that I had to share:

Why can't I have those eyelashes?

Daddy and his boy

Never without his truck
Schools are closed and roads are slippery. Stay home and enjoy this winter wonderland. I'm sure the kiddies will!

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