Playing catch up

Monday, February 28, 2011

No word of a lie.... my little guy is crying because G wants to sit down for a minute and not play hockey right away. Our son thinks we are the most awesome parents in the world, on Saturday we bought him a hockey net. It came with two hockey sticks and a ball too. I don't know what we were thinking...seriously he has wanted to play hockey with one of us 24 hours a day. Patrick, Adam and Tanner managed to keep him occupied with his new toy for a few hours to give us a break.

And I wonder why time out at the sitter's has become the penalty box....

I'm falling behind on my goal to blog 300 entries this year. I figured that I would need to write at least 25 posts per month...umm yeah.....We've had a lot going on and I will catch up, but right now I have a little boy to get clean and get to bed...and a book club selection to finish...

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