22 weeks

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I started this post last Saturday so bear with the use of verb tense.....

Today was one of those days. It started out fine. G had spent most of the night out with Austin. For some reason our child has refused to sleep through the night this whole past week. It's driving us crazy, but the upside was that I got a bed to myself last night. It was much needed because I haven't been sleeping well lately.  When I woke up, I went downstairs and enjoyed the quite. Half an hour later I heard the stomping of little feet.  Austin started out the morning whining like crazy but after a breakfast of Santa pancakes and fruit he was ready to go.

G had to go to a meeting so Austin was helping me clean upstairs. He was using the swiffer to "paint" the floor. Of course cleaning took much longer than normal because it was interrupted by a game of hide and seek, three or four stories, two trips to the potty and songs and who could refuse "Just one more time Mommy" from a jammied boy on a Saturday morning?

Then around 1:00pm my day started to fall apart. Austin refused to nap. I tried every trick I had before giving up and calling G up from the basement to take over. I was just out of a relaxing shower when the phone rang. My doctor called me...on a Saturday. My doc is going on sabbatical next month and called to  follow up on my ultrasound. There is a bright spot in the baby's heart. The good news is that the baby's heart is structurally sound. It's probably nothing, but it could be something and I'm nervous. The bad news is that is a soft marker for DS.

I spent all week agonizing about what was going to be. I wasn't concerned about having a child with down syndrome. That is something that if God so chose, G and I would take on willingly. I was more stressed about being prepared and making sure others in our village were prepared. I wanted to know if we were going to Holland or Italy. I don't like surprises.

I kept the news to a small circle who kept me sane all week. Friday finally came and G and I went to the IWK for the ultrasound with my incredible doctor. She took all the baby's measurements. She took her time and looked over every inch of our little peanut. I am so very happy to say that Peanut's heart looks fabulous and she didn't find any defects. (That is music to a mother's ears!) There is a calcium deposit in the heart but it's nothing to be concerned about. She also didn't find any other markers for DS. Of course there is still a chance that Peanut could be born with downs, but its 1 in 15,000. The icing on the cake was that we got to walk away with this:

Peanut Boutilier 22w5days

heading to a "fancy dancy" (22Weeks)

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