Week 23

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So I feel huge...and I sill have 3.5 months to go. G took a picture but I forgot to upload it so I will have to do that later. Peanut is kicking up a storm! That in itself would not be a bad thing...except that it starts when I go to bed and ends around 5 am. There is the odd kick and roll during the day but nothing like the evenings. I really hope this doesn't mean that I'm going to have an "up all night" baby. I like my sleep so that could be interesting. Oz went down at 12, woke at 4 for food and went back down until 7 or so. There were a few nights where that wasn't the case but in general he wasn't that bad, until the 4 month sleep regression! lol

Austin had a fantastic Valentine's Day! Kelly hosted a Love Day party and he had a blast. I got to pick him up early and, after a failed haircut attempt, we spent some one on one time playing hockey and eating pizza before picking G up from work. Kelly managed to take a few snaps for us:
Decorating his very own cupcake

Crafting with Aislynn

Paint was too messy so markers it is!
It was nice to hang out a bit at Kelly's while Austin finished up his craft and played for a few minutes before heading home. On one hand I can't wait for the baby to come because I've made some great friends with other moms who will be up for playdates and coffee dates and trips to the park and beach. It's nice to feel relaxed around newer people and to see Austin so happy playing with his little friends.

Austin finally finished his Valentine's Monday evening and I got two packages ready for the mail. I hope his little friends in Texas and Alberta enjoy the surprise!

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