34 x 34- Colour Run

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It was called Run or Dye and at one point I wasn't sure I would make it. The hills were steep and the course was slick- I'm sure there was more than one rolled ankle at that event.

I was in no mood to get up and participate in this run. The day before had just been a major bummer. I tried to think of a million excuses to get out of it. I had had a horrible day and an overwhelmingly stressful week leading up to race day. I just didn't want to do it. I wanted to curl up, drink coffee and wallow.

But I didn't. I dragged my ass out of bed at 6:30 am and by 7:10 am, with coffee in hand (Thanks Jenny!), we were on our way to the race.

I have to say it was pretty well organized and I'm happy that we arrived early.

People were really getting into and the start line made me feel like I was 21 and heading to a dance bar. Colour was flying and people were in a good mood and the energy was great!

Nice and clean at the start of the race
Not so clean after 5k!
Thankfully this all came out of my favorite running pants!

After the finish line there was a great party where more colour was flying. We grabbed some water and I danced out whatever stress was left before heading for home. I have to say I would very seriously consider running this again next year. I know it isn't a huge charity event but it was just so much fun!

And just like that an item is crossed off the list!

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