Kid's Clothes Week Day 2- Rainbow Dress

Friday, October 25, 2013

Early this year I became an official member of the East Coast Momma Collective. I had done a craft fair through them last Christmas and met some awesome people. One lady and I have been chatting quite a bit lately and last month we decided to trade services. She would make me a bunting and I would make her a dress for her daughter's birthday. I was so excited when Nadja (Little Lemonade Stand) picked up her dress yesterday and she loved it! 

I modified my current favorite Peek a Boo Pattern Perfect Peasant Dress pattern. I have to say these are some of my favorite patterns. Easy to follow instructions and the have a great fit. I made the skirt with 5" strips cut salvage to salvage and serged the together. The purple is actually a 10" strip doubled over to give the skirt a little weight on the bottom. Once I serged the skirt closed (lining up all those strips was tedious...) I top stitched each strip to ensure that the serge seams were stitched down and the skirt part was well finished. 

The clip is rainbow chevron (a nod to my and Nadja's love of all things chevron- I knew it would make that momma happy!) with a wooden button centre. I really love how it all came together.

Want to see what she made me?

I love this bunting! It has enough flags to be used for every holiday and I can just use colour coordinating chalk at holiday time. The rest of the time it can decorate the mantle in the kids play space. I love it!!! Thanks so much Nadja!

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