Apple picking

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One of my favorite family activities to do in the fall is to take the kids apple picking. It gives us all a chance to get outside and do something different and G and I get to help the kids understand where their food comes from. As usual we had a great time and this year Amelia was much more aware of what we were up to. It so so cute watching Austin help her pick apples and tell her that apples grow on trees and not in the store.

Nothing quite like squeezing 4 people into a selfie with the sun shinning down!
Daddy helped Oz reach the top of the tree for the big apples
Amelia taking her turn
"Guys, it's okay...I got dis."
post- picking ice cream
We try to go a few times but so far this day at the beginning of the month was the only one we managed to squeeze in so far. Ozzy will be going on a class adventure next week that I hope will give him a chance to get a few more. Although I will be needing more apples soon. Now that the counter top is in my kitchen I've been baking a lot of apple deliciousness for lunches! 

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